I've had a crush on a co-worker ever

I've had a crush on a co-worker ever since we first met. We're both married. I have extremely sexual dreams about her at least once a week. Sometimes I think she's flirting with me, too.

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  • if you want to f*** your co- worker get at least 100, 000 dollars from her as a down payment on the misery you will suffer, evrytime you think of f****** her , think about your future and how your kids will hate you and then you will finally realize how much you loved your wife. But get the money you will need for counseling , lawyers , and lots of vodka , brandy , one night stands, gas money first.....you will be lonely , and if you are further looking for temperrance to your l*** , also get money for a restreaining order if she turns out to be on meds...

  • I'd still try to have s** with her I bet she's hot

  • Run, and I mean run fast. The absolute first rule of office politices is to never, ever have an affair with a co-worker. One of you will ultimately be unemployed and perhaps your marriage will be gone too. If you have kids, someone else is going to raise them and call them dad. I know, Im raising 2 daughters where their father decided to f*** a co-worker. Guess what, they call me dad and spend 99 percent of their time with me. He feels like s*** every time he picks them up. Better keep that fly shut and buy a p****.

  • then f*** her.....

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