Fallen for my co worker

I have to get this off my chest. I have a very strong attraction to my co-worker. i am very aware of his presence and encounters. it seems like there ia an unknown force pulling we towards him.i start to feel hot and flush around him..i don't know why am i so attracted to him.And, i think he can sense this attraction. His eyes twinkle and he's always flashing me these mega watt smiles when he sees me. He's also constantly teasing me on the phone. ok, maybe i was flirting with him too. i caught him looking my way a few times. is he flirting with me or being friendly. am i over reacting? the baxkground.. i am a married woman and my co worker is 5 yrs younger than me.i just wish to.know if it's a mutual feeling or not. This feeling is really killing me. i will not act on this feeling and put my marriage at

Sep 8, 2014

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  • I hate to be the voice of reason , but even if you both have a sexual attraction to each other the fact is your married so you need to avoid being around him or your going to regret what you might do . When you got married you new that anyone guy that comes around in your life your taken same as your husband . Unless you have an open marriage and your husband is ok with it my advise is don't do it !
    Look at it this way how would you feel if you sleep with him and then he flirts with another girl , your feeling will soon turn to anger so be smart and don't give into temptation !

  • I think having an innocent office flirtation with coworkers is pretty common. You work with him for 8 hours a day, talk to him, connect with him, and he is paying attention to you. He's just your "office" boyfriend. Nothing sexual needs to occur. You don't need to jeopardize your marriage and you don't need to take it to any other level than the harmless fun you're having. A lot of people may post and encourage you to go for it. But you're the only one who would deal with the ultimate consequences, so if you take it to that other level then it's all on you. And then yes, you risk your marriage and possibly your job. A lot of companies do not allow for office romances. It may be good to talk to your husband and flirt with your husband a bit to get some of that excitement back. And don't necessarily keep this a secret, because then of course it makes it look like something more is happening when it's not.

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