My brother

My brother is obsessed with my best friend
He hangs around all the time when shes hear i think he really has a crush on her.
The funny thing is i think I’m jealous about it. Not even thinking or realizing it till yesterday i caught myself flirting with him
All i could think of why do i want my own brother to be interested in me?
Ifk its just confusing because I didn’t let my friend come over today made up and excuse. Idk why.
But after flirting with my little brother I realized i was h**** and i wasn’t even thinking .
Is this normal?


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  • Being h**** makes you want things that normally you wouldn't . Incest is bad for many reasons . Deformed or sickly children and confusion .. my brother is my childs father ? My child is my newphew/neice ?

  • Incest propagandist at it again

  • In reality Incest is the death penalty in 8 countries. What does that say for normal and common.

  • Maybe you should move to those countries you like

  • Maybe lol

  • Brother and sister s** is common u should try flerting with him and if he seems entreated ask him with out fit u look better in and if he is ok with that change in front of him thin if he needs more hent ask him witch underwear is sexer thin change in front of him

  • You should go to jail. Your a creep

  • Rubbish

  • SHUTtheFUCKup incest lover it's not common idiot. It's rare and morally wrong. But you and you fatSKANKY sister have no morals or even a conscience.

  • Put a end to this fake incest story

  • You and your gf should have s** to get to know eachother and then come on to him foa a threesome

  • You should learn to spell and proofread. foa a

  • Stop writing this fakeBULLSHIT.

  • Kiss him

  • Don't forget the Reese's peanut butter cup

  • What is with the Reese's peanut butter cup? Just want to know.

  • Yes, it is normal. Has he reacted positively to your flirting?? There is a possibility that he was trying to make you jealous? My sister always seemed jealous of my girlfriends which I thought it was because she was protective. Perhaps spend some quality time with your brother and see if things progress for you two. Maybe this has made you realize how you really feel about your brother? Go on some dates with him and keep up the flirting!!

  • You are right. I am married to my cousin for 35 years and it is great ..

  • That's great!!

  • Shut up incest lover

  • The only person that felt sad for you was your sick cousin.

  • Shut up you and that fat pig you call a sister never had s ex period.

  • Um... well maybe you just don’t want him with her because you are attached to him. You aren’t necessarily into him. Or it’s just girl code cuz who tf wants their bro to date their bff. Orrr you just like like. Which is.. uH yeah.

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