Since I was 13 years old ( I am now almost 20 )I have been lying about who I am online, it started with msn, just adding my real life friends and pretending to be someone else while talking to them. It gradually got worse once I realized I could be anyone I wanted, when I started playing online MMO's during high school I constantly lied about who I was to any online friends I met, I was never romantically involved with anyone but I led a lot of people on.
When things got more serious I was leading a double life, dating people in the real world and online at the same time, trying to micro manage each life.

Recently, I ended the Catfish by buying a webcam. I am currently with one of the guys I had been lying to for almost a year, hes the reason I just want to be myself now and although he won't admit it, I know he shouldn't be with me.

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  • It's amazing that you stopped and if this guy knows your lies and is still with you he obviously cares about you a lot and you should hang on to him because he sounds amazing

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