Reverse-Catfishing & WTF!?

Approximately three years ago, this random guy friends me on facebook. I figure that he attended the same school I'm going to, so I was like, "Why not? Maybe he will give me a few pointers." At first, we had discussions about school & classes, but then he started messaging me everyday to ask about my life. He would always ask something like, "What are you up to? I'm bored." And whenever I talked a bit about myself, he would say something along the lines of "that's kinda hot." He also demanded pictures of me, since I barely posted anything on my facebook profile. However, I always came up with some weird excuse to not send a picture because I always felt it was strange; it's not like he was my boyfriend or anything. But being the dumbass that I was, I continued to message him without realizing his desire for some sort of online gf. Keep in mind that we were only talking to each other for 2 days. Then, on the night of the third day, he messages me, "I wish I could cuddle you." That was when I finally realized his intentions. First off, who the h*** falls in love with someone ONLINE after only 2 days? I instantly decided to stop this "relationship" and came up with this brilliant idea: how about I pretend to be a "catfish" -- someone who creates a fake online profile to talk to people. I then message him, "That's not safe. What if I'm a catfish?" He asks me what a catfish is. I tell him, "What if I told you that I was actually a guy? I have to sleep now so I'll explain tomorrow." The next day, I started researching "catfish." Even though I'm not a real catfish, I realized I could still act like one because: (1) I had a sparsely populated facebook presence; (2) I never sent him any pics of myself, and; (3) I had an androgynous personality & often used the words "dude" in my messages. When he finally messaged me in the afternoon, I proceeded to feed him a BS story about how I was a guy who bought another girl's fb account for the purpose trolling other people through a series of hints and online acting. Eventually he wrote, "You're lying." But I was able to complete the final piece of the puzzle by telling him, "Since I'm not supposed to be the owner of this account, I'm putting my entire facebook account in danger by telling you this. I can't lie about this stuff man." I messaged him again and after a 20 minute wait, he's writes, "Why are you talking to me? Talk to your real friends." After that, I blocked him to make it look like I deleted my account. I sure hope he learned his lesson; who the h*** falls in love with someone ON THE INTERNET over the span of only 3 days? No offense -- he was a smart and handsome guy, but I'm just not into being an online girlfriend only after 3 days. Now I can say that I successfully pretended to be a catfish.

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  • The only way to know if someone is real is you have to see them on cam live chat if they don't then they are probably 60 year old fat man . Just because he has a picture dose not mean that is him anyone can take pictures and ad it on FB could be his brother or who ever , pictures don't mean jack . and anyone who falls in love it's not love it's lonely .

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