Forbidden Crush

I live in a small, rural community where the information super highway moves at lightning speed. At a local grocery store works a beautiful young lady as a checker. She moves me like no other and has no idea just how much she touches every part of my being. Her smile, body, and practially every part of her being excites me beyond belief. What is the problem? I am married and 57, she is just 19. I want so much to tell her how I feel and just how much she turns me on and what her smiles do for me. My wife and I live in an open relationship so there would not be an issue there. I expect to be bashed beyond belief over this by most of you. All I want is to reveal myself to this beautiful young lady but I am afraid of the repercussions of what may come. I guess I need to find out how to subtley tell her without coming right out with the truth.

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  • above person is right .......just go for her,,,.don't mind the numbers..get out of this crunch,wat if she understand ur feeling, wat if she got u r thirst, wat if she says " Ok will see u tonight" and wat if she says" plz c** inside me". this world is weired ..u know...!!!!!

  • I don't have any good advice for you on how to approach her, but I will say that I think you should go for it-- the people who commented before are either naive or just mean-spirited, and unless they know this girl they shouldn't talk with such certainty. If they think a 19-year-old has never been attracted to a 57-year-old (age difference is not a fetish, btw), they haven't seen much of the world.

  • Oh Yeah! Just what a 19y/o is looking for... a 57y/o ! Ha ha ha.You have no clue do you gram pa? Do you actually think she will even give you the time of day?Dream on.Go back to you skanky little wife. You 2 deserve each other.

  • You realize that unless she has a fetish she won't sleep with you.

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