Pictures show cheating?

My girlfriend left her facebook and yahoo email accounts logged on and went to work.I not sure how that happened but I read almost all her emails that I thought would be interesting.I learned that she has been tracking down her old boyfriends and they are many.She tries to claim that she was "almost a virgin" when I met her.

We have always had problems but I always felt that she was faithful.Till around late may or early june this year, when I felt like she was up to something.I asked her and we discussed it and she said she wasn't cheating;I believed her too.

Then while going through her emails the other day,I found 4 pictures she took and emailed to a girlfriend out of state.I was shocked beyond belief.They were pictures of her and a guy, younger than I, in some apt or room.In one,she is sitting on something with her arms around the guy's neck,big smiles and the guy's hand is resting on her knee,his shoulder touching her chest,the second one is of the guy standing alone,the other is my girl sitting on the back of a chair with her arm around the same guy's waist,and the last one is of her at a hair salon.They are both dressed so am assuming someone else took the picture using her phone.In the email to her friend,there is no message and the friend does not seem to have replied about the pictures.

When I confronted her about it via text,she said that she took the pictures to email to her friend and make her think she has a new boyfriend.She said the guy is a friend through family friends she knows and that he's about to be married at some church.She said that she had not spoken to him in a while. But minutes later she said he's text her asking why she no longer talks to him.

I wonder if she is telling the truth or pulling my leg.We dont have s** much because she experiences pain and I wonder if the guy hit it and run.

What you guys think?

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  • Lies... and if you're having doubts, very strong chance that she is. See the flag as red!

  • shes a lying s*** trust me... 95% of them are

  • She's almost innocent.

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