My soul

I am a highly successful guy, been told that I am good looking, I am very atheletic, and my friends say I can have any girl that I want. The problem is I have been in love since I was a kid to a girl named Christy . Christy was from an upper middle class family and was well sought after. I confessed my love and we dated off and on for several years. I can't get over her and the weird thing is I know she don't love me, but yet I still make decisions based on her. I am everything that she was and she's like I was. She's now married to a loser who physically and mentally abuses her. I am saddened and would marry her and take care of her forever, but it will never happen as she dosnt love me back. I am screwed up in the head for caring, I know the truth but can't move on. How pathetic!

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