Missing my Ex but have a baby with another guy

I was with my Ex for 4 years. We were each others first everything. Towards the last year of out relationship we were on and off. So we hadn't talked in 3 months and i ended up sleeping with someone else (Needless to say i was in a vulnerable situation but that's not an excuse.) I ended up getting pregnant by that guy, he was so happy he took care of me, still takes care of me and our baby he's the man every young women who gets pregnant hopes for, we have our own 2 bedroom duplex, he works, and I'm a stay at home mom who also goes to school full time.

Anyways 3 months after the baby is born my ex contacted me and says his family and some of his friends think the baby looks like him. So he asked if we could get a DNA test. I was not against this however I did not want my boyfriend to find out, so I decided to take it upon myself to go talk to my ex In person and let him see the baby. After about 2 hours of talking and bonding with the baby, we went our separate ways he contacted me the next day and said, "Even if she is mine I don't think I could split up a family. She deserves two parents that are together." It's crazy but this breaks my heart. I am truly thankful for him he loves me so much that all he wants is for me to be happy and for the baby to have two parents together is also what he said. I will always love him... and he deserves so much in life and i hope he gets it.

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  • S*** mistakes that kids pay for.

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