I'm a well know athlete around my school, popular, and the girls flock around me. I have 5,000 facebook friends and everybody knows my name. I wrestle for varsity and play football for the varsity team although I'm a junior. And my girlfriend is 4'9 cheerleading flyer who's skinny really preppy and is always smiling. But if you really knew me you'd know that she's not my type. 
          I don't really love her even though I tell her that.. Infact im only with her for the image and because she gives good head. If you really knew me! And not the jock image you see. You'd know that I've been in love with this wonderful black girl since 8th grade. She's curvy, beautiful, smart, confident, she's got alot of attitude and she's not afraid to put me in my place. I Argue with her all the time but for me it's more like flirting. I think about her all the time, I txt her, I stare at her, I facebook stalk her and I even think about her when I m*********. I've never wanted another girl so bad in my life. I didn't realize til recently that I loved though.
          My friend went with her to homecoming and I gave him s*** for it the whole week out of jealousy,But then when we got to homecoming she looked absolutely beautiful! The best looking girl there hands down. She slow danced with him and it made me so mad that it ruined my night.
The closest I've ever been to being with is this one time she was tutoring me in chem and we almost kissed. But if I could I would give up all of my friends and my girlfriend to be with her!

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  • Go for the girl. Don't let that one to be get away.

  • come clean with your girlfriend..... she deserves to know, and you deserve the one you love

  • I know what you mean, I'm a millionaire who only dates fashion models, and I love flying around on my private jet. My one true love is this amazing French botanist Oh just shut the f*** up already, no one buys this, I'd rather listen to that stupid idiot talk about golden whale ass, or what the h*** ever she talks about.

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