Um. I'm 14 and I would like to know the best way to m*********? I'm female and fingering myself gets really old. I've tried the shower head on high it just doesn't work for me.. I can't buy a vibrater or a toothbrush that does the trick either.. Any other ways? In super h**** all the time and I just want a quick fix? Nothing that will penatrate me though.. I've had s** once and I want to keep myself tight for my husband someday. Anyways please? Ideas?

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  • get a 15 year old boy....make his d*** hard....force his d*** into your p**** and make him go in and out...if that don't work ask your dad for advice....

  • I'm a 35 y.o. man and I can do for you what I do for the little 16 y.o. girl down my block.
    When her parents aren't home I go over and f*** her in the ass doggie style, while I reach around and finger her little c***.
    Works every time. Sometimes, we c** together.
    And since I'm not in her p****, she stays tight and doesn't have to worry about getting pregnant.

  • hey...i (male 14) kinda find it boring too.....maby we could share MSN;s with eachother for like a "Video S** Buddy". i think you can just comment and tell me thats its you. we can have all sorts of fun

    & i not super hot but i not ugly/nerdy or fat :P

  • haha woooooow lol :D

  • How about my tongue all over your c***?

  • So baiting your master eh? Hmm, how about s******* up his breakfast, that should get him good and annoyed, or don't make up the bed!
    There must be plenty of ways you can make your Master angry with you. (Masturbation by the way, if you're gonna troll at least learn to spell for f***'s sake!)

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