I'm mentally ill.
Diagnosed with a shitload of stuff.
Not that that matters.
Drugged up too.

But that's not the point. The point is in the eyes of my family I am a freak and a monster and should never, ever have been born.

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  • I know a bit of how you feel. But I also know for a fact that everyone who's here NEEDS to be here. You're important.

  • Hey, join the club. Us freaks should stick together, right? I used to contemplate that--finding others like me so we could form a group and prove to the people calling us freaks we were worth something. Never found anyone like me, though... so I'm stuck here reading confessions that sound like they were written by me, thinking "f***, if I knew you, we could be friends and beat the s*** out of everyone who thinks we're monsters."

  • Yes. It's like...if just one person, one person could accept us. Value us. Not sneer and run or push or..yeah. You get the point.

    But for now beating the s*** out of them will do.

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