I havent left my house for social outings in months

I've gotten to the point that nobody takes me seriously anymore and I'm only in high school. Nobody invites me to anything and I essentially have no real friends, . I've gotten to the point that I cant go to sleep right without watching netflix episodes first because I feel like in some strange way it is social interaction for me. I don't know why but I've also started saying my thoughts out loud without even thinking about it; but that only happens when nobody is around. I think I'm losing my mind.

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  • The thing about life, is that it's up to you to live it. Be present and be proactive. Isolating yourself can cause depression and anxiety (and can also be the reasons that you do just that). It's okay if you don't want to do everything, but you should be out there experiencing life. If you're always waiting or expecting for someone else to put forth the effort to include you..you could be waiting awhile. Meaning, others may think that you never ask them to do anything, so why should they ask you. Or they may think..they are always asking and you're either saying no. Or they feel like why should they be putting so much effort into this. Friendship is like that..give and take. Also, you should tell your friends what's going on with you. It may give some insight into why you never want to do anything. You need people in your life. Join a club or sports team at school. It will force you to get out there. Even asking one friend to see a movie will get you out. And even if that one friend is unavailable, keep trying. Go outside for a walk, talk to your family members, and maybe just go talk to a professional about your fears. Sleep is really important too. So maybe try turning off all lights and electronics out and just relax and it may take up to an hour to fall asleep, but eventually you will. The little things you do will add up and it will be less scary for you to socialize.

  • At your age you need to work on being more social. The more you withdraw the harder it gets. Stop withdrawing before it gets really too hard. When you're around people you won't feel like you're losing your mind. Even if at first you go by yourself to public places like malls or parks. Start out on that first then find groups of people with common interests. You're not alone.

  • Probably. I've always been alone too, don't feel too bad.

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