Do I go after my boss

I am in a very difficult economic situation. I have two kids, very young. I can't support them, really. I just barely get by, and without government assistance not even that. I'm in my mid thirties, married to a guy who can't grow up and can't provide.

I have a job, where I work with an older guy. He is nice enough, and I know he likes me. I find that I don't have any personal space issues with him. No matter how close he gets or I get to him, I don't back off. If he wants to touch me, I let him. And I touch him. Mind you, nothing bad so far.

I know that he could support me and my kids, and it would be so nice not to worry. I would leave my husband for him. I'm torn between my upbringing which tells me to stay where I am and suck it up (a really terrible situation), or go for this guy. I know that I am just one jump from him, and he will take me I'm sure.

He is actually a lot older than me, 20 plus years.

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  • Really think about this. I had an affair with my boss (I was in a similar situation, although that had nothing to do with the reason for our affair) and I really enjoyed it at the time. I left my husband for him and we actually had a great relationship.. the problem was I missed my husband (but we had no children), so we ended up getting back together. Big mistake. The only problem is I cant figure out which action was the mistake. My husband will never ever trust me again. Its misery. Please really think before you put yourself in the same situation as me..

    Good Luck

  • These kinds of posts really just p*** me off. So you've fallen on tough times..who hasn't? But you're in your 30's.. you should be mature enough to pull your head out of your ass and wake up to reality. Your priorities are all wrong. Deal with your life and make it better. But you'd rather cheat on your husband..You're f***** up. And you have two kids...I feel sorry for them. You are willing to drag them through an affair and an eventual divorce and all because of you. You have no business raising children in the first place. There's no guarantee that you leave your husband and you go after this guy that you're going to ride off into the sunset. How do you know that this guy wants to provide for you and your two kids? Get your head of the fantasy world and maybe get a better paying job or get a second job. Go and have a serious conversation with your husband about what needs to happen and then GROW UP!

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