I'm bored lets start a comment war

The rules are as follows:
1. Comment your opinion on something
2. If you agree with someone else's comment stick to their side, If you disagree make your point clear
3. Don't go complaining like a b****

By commenting you agree that your fine with people picking fights with your idea on things and criticising you for what you like

But most of all this is just for people to have fun

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  • Trump will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents this country has ever had.

  • Not being mean, but Liberals are ill informed individuals who have been lied to by the corrupt far left leaning media. They lie about Trump every chance they get trying to pull voters back. When most of them are confronted with the facts they find out they are in agreement with Trump on MANY of his workers and ideas. Yet they still refuse to even take a middle of the road approach to politics. Left, right, or middle of the road, at least KNOW what you are supporting before choosing a side.

  • You would reveal every part of our body to look glamourous and we are not even suppose to look at you why?....To what we men are suppose to control ourselves ?

  • Are you saying you can't control yourself? 👓

  • Sorry for typos using mobile

  • *your body

  • To forced me to learn I put in all school girls school had wear same each day swimsuirt gym pants did put up caring

  • ....what?

  • And..
    2.) Men who use periods as an excuse for women arguing with them are just weak and can't deal with the fact a 'fragile female ' dates challenge them.
    I stand by both my comments and I'll sign with 👓

  • Alright, I'll leave two comments.
    1.) Everything would be better if homophobia wasn't a thing.

  • For f*** sake there is so much divide in this world already, and you think we need to post about more divide. F*** off y'all.

  • Who cares loser. Go whine abt it somewhere else.

  • Can't you read what the OP said??? This is just for people to have fun!

  • Fun can quickly turn into violence

  • Panty sniffers , pedos,belly lovers should be buried alive 😎

  • Ooohh,see now I'm divided!!
    I'm an avid pantie sniffer,but don't worry,I don't sniff family's or kids like some of the dirty bastards on here!
    Just mates wives' gfs,female work colleagues,in laws etc.
    I love it and will never stop.

    But peados... Fuckk yes I would bury them and torture them too, I seriously despise those vile creatures 😠👊

    Belly lovers are a new one on me! Never heard of them till I found this site! But id say god yes,bury them too as damn they are one strange bunch!!

    So i put it to you,leave the pantie sniffers out of it, we don't belong in the same category as them freaks!!!

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