Me, SMS and ski-vacation are at war.

Ok. So there is this guy. Of course, there is always THIS guy. But the thing is that he 23, that means 9 years older then me. I know it's a LOT and I don't expect you to give me advice so we can get together, but advice how I can keep him away from me.

Don't get me wrong, he didn't rape me or something like that and he really is nice but... Three weeks ago, I had a sleepover at a friend of mine and her cousin is THIS guy. He usually lives in a town further away, but I have known him for two years and he had come over in his holidays. So we were laying on the couch, watching a film and ended up cuddling at one in the morning, when my friend had gone to sleep. And I don't mean the whole innocent cuddling, I mean the OTHER kind of cuddling. But we didn't go any further, because I didn't want to. But I knew he wanted s**, I'm not stupid and I'm not naive, and I probably would have allowed our actions to go further if it hadnt been my favorite movie playing in the tv and I was tired, because I wanted s** to.

Now don't go like "No, wait until you are ready for it and you have found THE one!" , because honestly, it's only S**. It's L***, it's natural and I will never deny it as long as I have condoms. I don't care about my first time, because I know there will be many times like that, where I will feel pleasure and I will wake up in a tangled up bed (or somewhere else ;P). Honestly, I would like for someone who is not a virgin anymore to make my first time pleasurable, because I'm tired of caring if I do everything right. Well, the cousin of my friend is, I can tell you, NOT a virgin.

But now, I met a guy who is only two years older than me and even my meeting with him is a weird story. You see, one day I got an SMS from a stranger and when I asked him where he got my number, he said he had seen me leave the school and had asked people infront of it for my number. We began writing SMS on a daily base and after a week or two, we decided on finally meeting for real. Now we haunt met yet, but we planned it and I think it's a date without that one of us has to say it. I might be wrong, I might be right, I might be left.

Don't think the story is over, because there's one last thing left to say. My friend goes on ski-vacation and we go with her. Now guess what. We are staying at her cousins.

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  • First of all, you can say all you want about not being naive..but in the eyes of a law you are a considered a minor and the 23-yr old shouldn't be making any advances an a child. So you go to your friends ski vacation. And if this guy makes a move, just be really clear with him and say you are not interested. Don't flirt, don't give him any indication that you are. You can be nice and civil, but don't lead him on. He'll get the message. And if he doesn't, say it to his face.. And/or just don't be alone with this guy at all.

  • Yea, I guess that's a good thing to do (even though I'm not a minor anymore, I should have said that) But I don't know if I'm going to be ABLE to... Oh my god, this is such a sticky situation, the best thing I can hope is that he lost interest in me. I really, really hope so. And yesterday, I told my friend about my situation and I hope that she is a help like, I don't know, sit between us in the cinema or sh*t like that... Sorry for the cussing.

  • No problem for the cussing.. From your original post it sounded as though you're still a minor. On the trip, just stick to your friend like glue and avoid being alone with him. It's good that you told her. She can be your diversion. If you flirt with him, then shut him down you're sending totally mixed messages. As for if you're "ABLE" to or not..that is solely up to you. You just need to make that decision about what's best for you. But what about the other guy? Any possibilities there? And you know what.. your first time can be with someone you actually don't rush stuff. You really do have lots of time. Just be smart and safe.

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