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I've been with the same woman for 15 years and we have 2 kids. Everything should be great but recently I met a beautiful younger woman...She calls me and texts me all the time but says she won't do anything as long as I'm married, and I can't break up my family for anyone. But I can't stop thinking about her. I know I need to stop. I know it's a mistake. I felt this same way about my wife when I first met her. It would wear off with this girl too.

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  • Good for you! If there's something else you can do to strengthen your marriage, by all means do it. Marrying young doesn't necessarily mean you've missed anything; maybe some STD's and a revolving door of break-ups and frustrations. Consider yourself fortunate you have what a lot of people WISH they had. I'm older than you and misery will always love the same kind of company. You are STILL young, that mid life crises stuff is bull, just an excuse in my book. A REAL man does what you're doing, protects and cherishes what he's got at home and doesn't let anybody mess with it. Best wishes to you and 'nuff said.

  • Lay down the law. This girl has no respect for your marriage, just because she texts you doesn't mean you have to answer back. If you haven't told her already not to text you, why not? If you have, block her texts, you can do that. Do you want to keep what you have? If you KEEP thinking about her, one day you'll do something stupid and jeopardize your marriage, and for what? You already know it'll wear off with her. Don't care if your wife is a 200 pound hippo, start making HER feel sexy and beautiful, it'll work wonders for you too. YOu've got 15 years and a family, don't let some hoochie mess it up.

  • Block her calls and email,texts or anything else.DO NOT talk to her. If you already KNOW it's wrong, why continue?
    AS far as "finding a h*****", Don't do that either!

  • This is obviously "middle age crisis", if it never occured to you. You already know the answer, as I can see: "she won't do anything as long as I'm married, and I can't break up my family for anyone". You are taken. If I found out that my husband had these kind of thoughts about another woman (younger, too!!!), I would leave him without looking back, so be very careful, because women are more observant than you would ever imagine! By the way... "she won't do anything as long as I'm married..." I assume your problem is that she won't sleep with you, right? Be aware that young beautiful chicks are looking for financial security, not for 50 years old men. Find a h*****, you need it!

  • original poster here....I'm actually 34....obviously got married too young but I guess I'm not too young for a midlife crisis

    Told the 24 year old today that I wouldn't be contacting her anymore, but I see her almost every day so it will be difficult.

    Thank you, I appreciate everyone's feedback. It's exactly what I needed to hear, and the 50 year old/financial security/h***** conversation is amusing too.

  • If you've never had any sexual thoughts about someone other than your husband you are either the first person in the world not to have them, or a liar and a hypocrite. I'm guessing liar and hypocrite.

  • Sexual thoughts, of course. A crush? Never!

  • I'm young, and many people consider me pretty. I made my own financial security though, just like many other 'young beautiful chicks'. Its always the old hags like you that hate us.

  • Honey, based on the way I look, I could have made a very good living without using my brain one second. Just like you. Plus, at 32 I am not an "old hag", either. Not to mention that with and MS in Biology and a PhD in Biochemistry, I didn't have to look for a 50 years old married man to feel completed. If you condone this kind of behavior, just classify yourself as you wish, and draw conclusions after.

  • Is it the age, or that he was married, I'm curious.

  • "Young pretty woman and married man"... Hmmm... Ok, let's try again: "young pretty woman and a 50 years old man"... Hmmm... it sounds bad either way, don't you think? When you put them together it sounds even worse. But I am more concerned that a young chick is wasting her time with someone who will retire when she will be probably at her peak!

  • It doesn't sound bad to me, but then again I'm pretty liberal. I've never been one to make definitions on how other people should love or relate. Would you feel the same way if it was a young good looking guy and a 50 year old woman?

  • Take a wild guess! I would ask myself if I were in that position: "What's the catch??"

  • I just try very hard not to judge others on who they choose to be with. I'll admit I've looked at the mismatched couples and think 'Really?' but then some of them seem to work out better and last a lot longer. I feel sort of sad for you, if every chance you have at an unusual relationship you wait for the catch, I mean I know its cliche to say, but none of us get out of life alive you know?

  • Way to analyze Joy Behar! Go back to The View, where no one gives a f*** what you say there either.

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