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I'm in my late 20s. I met my gf on myspace 3 years ago and we are about to move in together. She is everything I would ever want in a woman but a tiny part of me can't get over how we met. We sent eachother racy pics of ourselves (no nudity tho) and met up the next week when we hooked up. We dated for a couple of months and then made it official. I can't help to think that this would have just been a myspace hookup if I didn't push for something deeper with her. I've never asked her, but I figure that I was just another guy who she thought was cute so she let me come over to have s**. Like I'm definitely not the first person she did this with. I don't kind of ruins the innocence of the relationship. Does anyone understand this?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Ask, talk, listen. If you can't trust her now, you'll never trust her later.

  • I am in a 6 year relationship. My friends gave me this guys number, and we started talking. My sole purpose was to use him to lose my virginity. So, we talked for maybe 2 weeks, then he came over my house (first time we saw eachother in person), and we had s**. I wasn't worried about being considered slutty or anything, cause I didn't care. We ended up falling for eachother, and have been together ever since!

  • i see where ur coming from n why it would bother u why dont u try to talk to her about it not argue but just to get it out to her n hopefully she understands and even if not i'm sure you'll feel better to get it out to her and feel more secure about ur relationship

  • people have s** with other people. Im sure u have done s*** too you dont wanna do again

  • get over it if she has chosen you

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