Another affair

Ive had a,string of affairs and now im fed up. I went on a marital Affair website,and,after sending £300.i met several women. Some I just chatted with but one met. I had s** with her but inside I was being eaten up. Yet I couldnt stop. I.met woman after woman and even went to a,swingers club just to have the intimacy I craved. Yet through it all I have felt nothing but shame. I have now ended all the contacts I had with these women. Thats it, for good. Never going back. But I want to be free. I cant tell anyone so im.confessing on here.

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  • Well, mate, all I can say is you have a lot of courage and a conscience. I once had a girl from Slovakia, being married, and we would go out all the time. It drove my wife nuts, because she sometimes saw us together (even in places 25 miles away -- it was uncanny). I confessed to her what I had done. Luckily she stayed with me through it all, because our relationship has healed and the other girl basically went off the deep end, f****** anybody she could get her hands on, charming them. This I found out from her two subsequent and one former husband. I kissed this girl, laid on her french kissing for hours, she would tromp on my d*** when it got huge from thinking about her, I tickled her p**** and her nipples until she would o*****. It was very fun at the time. But the aftermath of it all was horrible. Yes, my wife still has times she feels unsure of me, but by and large, we've patched things up together. Now I need to be careful; I am texting with her newly found relatives in other countries in the middle east and down under. I need not to get too close to them even over the Internet. As has been mentioned, all these things, whether full-on s** or not, bring us closer to someone of the opposite s**. I wish you all my luck, love, and prayers you need from those who can support you. Take care, my friend.

  • I understand that you feel guilty, a lot of people do. If it's of any help, I think of my affairs the same way as I think of playing billiards or golf. For me it isn't about the love. It's about the fun and enjoyment you get from it. Just like playing sports together, s** will build some sort of relationship. But I think of them more as play mates rather than lovers.

  • This is the best explanation I've read, and yes, you really DO build a relationship with your affair partners, and s** is the foundation of it. Yes, this is brilliant. And it's right.

  • Would you be okay with your wife/gf if she cheated on you? Referred to her affairs as her shopping companions or lunch dates. Or said that she's have a girls night out with one of her lovers. Really why be in a relationship if you're going to cheat?

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