All I want for Christmas... for my co-worker of 6 years to be fired.

It would be devastating for her and her family. She and her husband, US citizens, are immigrants. Her husband can't get a job in his field (probably due to language issues and the fact that he's an arrogant a**). He does not earn enough to support them. She works part time and looks after their son the rest of the time. It's unlikely she would be able to get a job in her field with such flexible hours, and if she did I doubt it would last.

But she's a terrible employee. She is so eager to say yes to everything that she can't do her job well. This is the format of an average conversation with her:

Person A "Here's a direct question."

Person B "Here's a very indirect wishy-washy answer, because I don't want to say anything too direct in case it's not what you want to hear."

Person A "But I want to know if this is right"

Person B "Well, ok if you want to know that, then that's what I'll say."

Person A "I can tell you aren't speaking with conviction. Is that right, or just what you think I want to hear?"

Person B "Yes."

Person A "Yes what?"

Person B "Yes, ok, it is right, but doesn't have to be if that's not what you want to hear."

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  • Its one thing to hope she got fired for bad work ethic, or because she just sucks at the job and makes it harder on others...however its not okay to wish ill will on someone and their family, down to the detail of them not finding any work and not able to support themselves. Its just awful to wish on another. And it doesn't make you much better to say those things. You just sound very lighten up and just do your job, the best you can, and if she's fired, okay, if not, stop obsessing over it.

  • OMG! That's totally frustrating! Look if she's not qualified and not pulling her own weight, the only is to talk to your supervisor. Maybe he or she can have tasks solely assigned to her, and when she can't do the work it will be more than obvious. One time I had to instruct a coworker how to file something. I asked if she understood. She said I'm just watching your lips move. I was speechless. I thought how can she get from point A to point B? It's sad.

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