I'm In Love. But I am not really sure If the person I love, Loves me. They SAY that they do. I met this person approximately a year ago. And from that time I've been MOSTLY happy. But there are times when this person makes me feel inadequate.If I don't make enough money or If I am not enough of a freak I get criticized. I WANT to be happy with this person. I don't want this person to leave me. I often feel like this person is even entertaining the idea of leaving me for another. I know for a fact that they have even cheated on me in the past. I forgave it I really did. But now I just do not know what to do anymore.

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  • The first person you need to be in love with is yourself. Sounds like there is a lot of doubt and distrust in this relationship. Your insecurities may push him to find someone else. But regardless, you need to put yourself first. Because no one is going to make you happy, unless you're happy. No one is going to love you more, unless you love yourself. And no one is going to criticize yourself more then you already do. And anyone you are with should support you and encourage you. When people say mean things, it's because they are unhappy with themselves and are projecting their unhappiness onto you. Him cheating on you is like a big F-U to you and the relationship and you haven't even dated him longer than a year. This relationship sounds very forced, like you're trying to talk yourself into it. It may be that the writing is on the wall..if this guy can't be what you want or need him to be. Cut your losses and find someone who wants to be with you. Love yourself enough to hold out for someone who wants to be in a monogamous relationship with you.

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