Waste of space

I hallucinated on salvia and it was the best moment of my life.

I'm that pathetic that the only time I don't feel depressed is when I'm f***** out of my mind.

Salvia isn't addictive but I want to take it alllll the time just to get out of here. This is just what happened when I started oxycodone... I got addicted in a pinch. I can't solve s***, I just f*** myself up to ignore the problem. I'm going to turn twenty-one and be an alcoholic, I just know it. That is, if I don't die from drug abuse first. "Whatever kills me faster", that's my motto.


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  • SALVIA?! Dude. That's your f****** drug of choice? Just smoke weed, dude. It won't kill you, but it'll make you damn glad to be alive.

  • Uh, no. Some people don't have the luxury of being able to get illegal drugs easily. If I had my drug of choice it'd probably be heroin, ha-de-ha. And weed is overrated.

  • P.s, no-one is a waste of space, we all have potential in us... abuse your potential instead? G

  • Hi, i know how it feels to think alcohol or taking drugs will get rid of all your problems... but in itself that is a hallucination. Taking drugs and drinking will only produce more problems. I would try making a list, make a list of what depresses you and tackle each item one by one. Your goal should be to complete the list and have a good drink in the end to being happy. Your new motto should be to drink or take drugs when happy, if you're already depressed they're going to make you feel worse. I hope this isn't a fake, it doesn't sound like it... but this is the first time i've commented. I really hope this helps you.

  • It's not fake, and I thank you sincerely for commenting and not trolling like most people do here... I really didn't come here for advice, just to confess my disgust at myself, but honestly I read your comment and thought "maybe there's a chance." Thinking even a small positive thought is a miracle in itself for me.

  • It's easy to escape your problems or depression with drugs and alcohol, but there is help out there if you are ready. Your family and friends are probably the first people who would encourage and help you get there. People are listening and do care on this board. So you're not in the greatest place right now..you can get through this. Life is worth living..you just have to find your passion in life.and it's not in drugs. That's temporary. Go to school (or back), take classes, travel, whatever...you know you have more to offer the world then you think. You can do this.

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