I have freckles on my v*****. I thought I had an STD but according to my gyno it's normal to have freckles on your l****. Weird. And then I had s** with a guy who turned out to have freckles on his d***. No lie. You can't make that s*** up.

Dec 31, 2010

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  • I'm a paranoid person so I'm never 100% sure, but I think I have 2 random dark freckles on the left side of my vajayjay haha. I'm a vigrin as well, so there's no reason to think I have some disease? I still get a bit freaked when I see them, though.

  • I have a freckle on the left side of my v*****(; lol

  • I'm not ginger. My hair is really, really dark brown. And all my STD tests came back clean. People get freckles on their knobs, true story.

  • can't tell between a freckle and a herpe? WOW.

  • Use a condom. Gingers shouldn't re-produce.

  • Why is this labeled as a lie? I'm not lying about this at all. And the weird thing is, we had our freckles in the same place. Like, his were on the right side of his d***, and mine were on the right side of my l****. Weird. O_o

  • Big deal... Hey I didn't know that you can have freckles there....

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