Who to choose...

Yesterday i decided to hang out with this guy kevin; he's extremely nice,funny, and has a nice body. We went to checkers, ate, then we went to the beach down the road and it was really cold so he gave me his jacket. It was all perfect and i couldve easily kissed him if i wanted to because i know he did, but at the same time i really didnt want to. It didnt feel right and as many things positive there is about him, i still didnt click in a lovey dovey way more like just a friend. I feel bad because before i hung out with him we talked alot and im sure i led him onto something i no longer want. I believe the reasoning of all these mix feelings is because im still trying to move on from a guy i really like, mike, the one i talked about in my last confession who is really on and off with me and seems sketchy. However, i still know i need to get over mike because he's not worth the waiting anymore, i still really like him and its effecting me from being with someone who is practically perfect for me. I dont know who to choose, the one i really like but isnt consistent, or the one i have mix feelings for and is basically perfect? please help!

Jan 5, 2011

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