Why Make the Same Mistake Twice??

I went for an interview a few months ago and ended up sleeping with the interviewer. It wasn't supposed to happen, I wasn't really attracted to him, I just let him flirt because I thought I'd get the job. And it got out of hand. He contacted me several times and I blew him off. Then I agreed to get together for lunch. (Why?!?) He's a great conversationalist, made me feel sexy. It was exciting, and like it wasn't real. I ended up sleeping with him again. I don't know why I did this. I'm happily married, have a great s** life, love my husband deeply. I think I have a little emotion for this man, but he isn't even a great lover. Really I just like the way I felt, excited, unreal, dangerous. I broke it off, said I didn't want to see or hear from him again. I'm trying to make it sink in. I cheated twice, with a man I don't love and didn't know. It's sickening. But it's like I've whet my appetite and I can't stop thinking about it. I suggested to my husband that we do something that we did while we were dating, to maybe recapture that feeling with him. If I am dissatisfied, I didn't know it. This isn't like me and I'm so ashamed.

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  • Forget it i blame your husband if he was giving u plenty c*** and head u would nevr do this

  • Are you getting enough s** at home

  • There is no shame we all do that

  • I am sympathetic to your plight. On another note, if you are still looking for a job I happen to have an opening. Let me know and I'll schedule an interview.

  • Don't saddle yourself with the shame. What's done is done. You had an exciting time, even if the guy was a dud in the sack. I hope next time you find someone who can do you right.

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