The gift that keeps on giving

Well I hate to whine and cry but I feel I must. It's about the only thing I can do at this point. My ass of a husband was sleeping around with some real shanks. I had no idea what was going on. Then I notice painful urination and it developed into something else. At first I thought it might just be a yeast infection as I have had those in the past. But not to be. It ends up I have Chlamydia thanks to his unprotected relations. I was shocked when I went to see the Dr and was told this is what I have. I wanted to ring his bony neck till his eyeballs popped out of their sockets. Then he tells me that he has been sleeping with three other women besides me on a fairly regular basis. I could careless about that. But he should have used protection considering that two of the women are in fact prostitutes. Plus to make matters worse I'm allergic to good old penicillin. Well I can tell you that in the future he will only be sleeping with prostitutes as I'm finished with that part of our life now. Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice well don't get fooled again. The S*****as far as I'm concerned he can use his hands until h*** freezes over but no p**** from me. It's not like I didn't take care of him either cause I did. He is just one of those super h**** types that wants it every time I get naked. Which is all the time cause I sleep in the nude. Rotten MFing j***.

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  • Well I'm a single man and I don't have a girl at the moment. But I agree that you women need to take care of your men. You play games with s** and then wonder why your men f*** around on you. I would do the same thing as any man who is worth a duce would. Only sissy men put up with no s** when there is a p**** sleeping inches away from them. Maybe your man should have jumped on top if you spread your tight ass legs and given you the f****** of your life.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah! Your like that principle on the Peanuts special. Whaw! Whaw! Whant! whaw! Maybe if you f***** him once in a while he wouldn't have f***** these skanks like you say. But then again maybe your p**** isn't that good and he felt like he didn't know what else to do you know what I'm saying? Stopping blaming the man when you haven't asked him why he does this risky behavior. You women are quick to pass judgement just like the ones who say you should leave him. Maybe the problem is closer to home you know. Hope you try and figure it out instead of cut and run tactics like most of the women on this site.

  • Yes I think it's time for me to go to a lawyer. It seems he keeps meeting this person and having relations with her. I'm so angry at him. He doesn't care about me or himself for that matter. God only knows what else he could catch with his risky behavior. I don't want to suffer from his poor self control. I hate to say it but I feel I must take steps to protect myself.

  • You are f***** being in love with such a careless guy.
    Sorry to hear about the disease.
    Good luck!

  • Hey baby I could give you a disease. Like the disease where you cant stop putin your lips around my fat pecker.

  • It’s divorce time

  • Hey why don't you divorce your fat f****** ass around my f*** stick baby!

  • A lot of women would love to have their man jump to attention every time they strip it down. You're lucky. Start acting like you know it, you miserable b****.

  • He is abusing you. Leave.

  • Well why don't you come and put some abuse on my fat pecker honey!

  • That's curable with antibiotics but I would consider divorcing hubby.

  • I agree with ^this^ poster. There's no benefit in staying with a man who cares so little for you. Get out. Get over him. Get a new and improved model. You deserve it.

  • Like me I'm the knew improved model. The d*** I could lay upon your ass's would bowl you the f*** over.

  • ....same for me.........please don't stay with a man who doesn't love'll wake up one morning and discover you have wasted your life on him......leave now...... get out today and put him out of your mind......

  • Oh shut the F up you silly God Dam woman. Only open your mouth when a c*** is heading it's way. Ok Baby?

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