Should I tell my boyfriend??

Okay...I am in a big confusion whether to tell my boyfriend about this or not...I wanted to share this with someone but I could not...I can't even share this with my best friend...and other friends and relatives as I am scared they will judge me or things can get worsen. So here I am wanting for your advices and opinions... please help!!

So what happened was..I and my college friends were going back home during the summer break from hostel that is about 8 hours away from my home. We usually take an AC sleeperbus and do the overnight journey and reach home in the early morning. So this time also we did the same. We boarded the bus and every one sat on the same sleeper seat around 4-5 people..we talked and laughed and then fell asleep...all of us in the same berth...I needed a pillow so I slept on my best friend's lap...he was not sleeping...I was changing my sleeping position continuously as it isn't comfortable sleeping in a bus due to its motion + I have motion sickness too so I was too dizzy...then at a point suddenly sat and lay my head on my best friend's shoulder and found it comfortable and slept like that after some time I don't know but I felt we kissed...not for long...but we did.. our lips touched each other it was just a Peck...and then I changed my position again...i was too sleepy that I don't remember what exactly happened...the next day I was feeling damn guilty I was thinking about my boyfriend all the time and why I did this and how it happened...I felt really bad I cried...I asked my bestie to assure that something like this happened or not and he denied I don't know why he denied when I felt it I am in a dilemma whether to tell my boyfriend about this or not...I don't want hurt him in any way but I feel too guilty when I think about this also I don't want to loose my best friend as it's the first time I felt that I really have a best friend who is always there for me...but at the same time I love my boyfriend alot....what should I do... please please reply asap...

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  • What you need to ask yourself honestly is "If this kiss happened, how did it feel to you?". If that meant nothing, I wouldn't like to know about it if I was your boyfriend. So, please, forgive yourself and move on.

  • You can tell your boyfriend because you feel bad and then feel worse when he has a jealous fit. Chock it up to a life experience and move on.

  • I think you should dump your boyfriend and hookup with your friend. You say you can't loose your friend, so it sounds like you like him. Dump the boyfriend or dump the friend. That is your options.

  • Some experiences are best kept to yourself if you have kept it event to yourself for so long now how can it matter after years and years. but if you feel so bad tell him, tell everyone in this years Christmas card list. you told all on this site and anyone can trace your ip address if they really want to hack and blackmail you. but let people who break your heart and make you wait (cuz if someone made me wait that long I would cuss and hiss and deliberately look beyond them for better men and I intend to do it to this dirty rapist who thinks he can impress me with his new cool looks and it aint on, he never needed to help others and all the garbage he says he would make a thing out of that story of yours and play the leso insults for sure at me but I wouldn't even bother to do pecks with women friends" think they are getting what they want and then deliberately look the other way. he won't want to try forcing a hand and threatening to kill my pets or trying the "will you marry me" in public infront of people cuz I would be like "NO, after all the lonely years you left me and wouldn't let me have another man, you should be sentenced to your own h*** rapeo-ragger navy poopter" go play your daddy game on your new chicky teen barbie and stop bothering me alfradeo kenwacky"

  • Stop doing drugs you burn out

  • Let it go

  • It sounds like the kiss was simply a spur of the moment thing. If you really love your boyfriend, then the best thing to do is tell him what happened.
    As for your friend, if you want to remain friends, I advise you try to work it out with him. Understand why you two kissed and try to put it behind you

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