Sweet Secret...

I have a successful research career and a growing makeup artistry business.... but lately, I've been fantasizing about starting a cupcake business out of my home. The more I try to squelch it, the more it grows. The obnoxious thing is: I soooooo KNOW I'd be successful at it! I'd also feel guilty if I had to give my makeup business up for the sake of the cupcakes...

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  • A dream is a dream. And if you feel like you will regret it by never trying then most definitely you should go for it. Doesn't mean that you have to give up the make up thing too..maybe just keep it on the side. And yes, there are a lot of cupcake companies out there..but what would make yours different? Can you make other sweet treats? What about a cupcake truck? Good luck!

  • Stick with Mary Kay. You'll never compete with the church bake sale.

  • LOL!

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