Advice pls!

I need help havent had a gf in like 2 yrs and need advice because im going to a resort in florda and all these hot girls there so yea ME NEED ADVICE!!!!!

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  • If I was you fella, I would get me a big fat juicy ugly munter that has tomb stone shaped teeth. Those types aint to choosy. She would refuse you and guess what? you'll gain experience and confidence as the relationship lasts. Good luck and don't forget to write and tell us how you got along

  • No self confidance huh? well you ain't gonna get no girls acting like a f***** wimp! and if you have to get on here to ask for advice on getting girls then you really have no business even trying!

  • Don't kill any of them. Go to Aruba for that.

  • roofies or cocaine.cocaine will pull u some wool!dont have to do it ur self or even have it.find a hot girl and show her a bagie of powdered suger.give her a little taste(detergent,cyane pepper and powderd suger,just a little,then tell her there is more where that came from.her legs will fly open.

  • Lol bro i should do that, when all i want is s** in this case i just want the girls number

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