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I sometimes want to slap my best friend. Not because she's stupid because she's super annoying if we're in an argument, she makes herself the victim, and she always hangs out with my little niece instead of me. I honestly, don't get it. She lies about random s***, and she doesn't know how to keep secrets. She talks badly about me behind my back, and she keeps coming to me for advice, but she never uses the f****** advice. She's a f****** askaholic, and if she's reading this, I hope you know that I f****** hate you, you c*** ass, b****.

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  • She takes you for granted......she actually doesn't care about you....keep distance from her...hang out with other than her. She needs emotional counselling

  • Right with you... I have an old college friend who visits a few times per year, and, there are time I just want to whack him upside the head and say "I can't f****** stand you, get out!"...

  • She sounds like a cünt, drop that basic b****

  • ...then why are you "friends" with her? From the way you describe her, she doesn't sound like a good friend, no doubt about it... but you aren't any better. What a terrible way to think about your so-called friend. Just unfriend her.

  • People? People are the WORST!

  • Yikes

  • Sounds like she isn't really your "best friend". The fact the way you feel this way about her yet still hang out with her makes you just as fake, my dear. Either cut your losses or don't complain, though I'm assuming you're in junior high so you'll figure it out.

  • Love the word "askaholic"! LOVE IT! Thanks for putting it out there! You are boss!

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