People who actually need advice and guidance will never get in this site... Only if you say ur f****** a family member and describing it in gross detail..I really wish this site was what the people who created it wanted it to be. But s** overrules EVERYTHING. It's not fair for the rest of us who want advice or even just sympathy on situations that have little to nothing to do with s**.. FML. FYL too.. UGH!!!!

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  • I thouhgt this site is called true confessions, not guidance and advice, I figured that people came here to read others confessions and not necessarily to seek advice, sounds more like your unfair in your judgement of what you think this site is really for.

  • If you don't like the sexual content of some of the messages, click on the other tabs (everything except "All" and "S**") and you either won't see any at all or you'll only see those that were mismarked at the beginning: either way, you won't see as much of the stuff that bothers you.

  • Some are fake, but the ones that are real I think people find it is easier to confession to a sexual misdeed than any other because it is anon. I see plenty of non-sexual ones on here, just skip the s** ones. Also not sure this is a place to get advice, or sympathy anyway.

  • Uh hello have you not read all the confessions? Many confessions are non sexual and many have received really excellent advice. I myself give advice whenever I can and it usually isn't sexual.

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