I like my friends ex, but he cheated on her multiple times

I like my friends ex bf, but he cheated on her multiple times......he says he still has feelings for me (from a previous confession to me on the school bus) and so do i....but i don't think i can trust him....he says that his experience with her would never happen again cause he sees now how it f***** things up.......but he keeps asking me for help to get over her cause he still loves her.....but then he says he has feelings for me. i don't understand.....she STILL flirts with him...but says their over, but i REALLY want to go out with him.....but i don't wanna get my feelings hurt,

apart from the cheating....he's a REALLY GREAT guy, he's funny and smart....he makes me laugh ALL the time and i can't help but enjoy my time when he's around.....he makes me giggle at the smallest things and i just seem to be happy around him.......but then the cheating comes back to my mind and i think........damn his attractiveness!!!!!!!!

HELP!!!!!!!! what do i do?!?!?!!!?!?

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  • as a guy that does this often he is usin 1 of 2 ploys jealously cuz girls get f***** crazy over s*** like that or the sympathetic f*** if u f*** him u might lose ur friendship with her an u will get cheated on 4 sure cuz i never learned s*** f***** b****** over soooo dont do it if u have any self respect

  • The dude is a player. He's trying to get something going with you while keeping the gf in reserve. But I agree with the first comment, go for it but don't expect it to last long.

  • Is your friend okay with you dating her ex? That guy sounds like a player! Just be careful.

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