I'm (19yo) in love with my ex teacher (30yo) dunno what to do!

Known them 6 years. was my head of year and teacher through that time. He became my mentor, and somebody who I could talk about everything to. There is not one part of him I don't like. He is perfect to me in every way. He is exactly the man I need in my life and need to be with for the rest of my life. Why have I got these feelings if they're not supposed to lead to anything? We still talk as my younger brother is still at school and they are very involved with sports etc.. I just do not know what to do! I don't think he has any idea I feel this way but I can't say anything! The feelings are so strong that I would literally drop everything for him. So strong that I would be happy as long as he is happy, even if it wasn't with me. The feelings are killing me through, because I don't think anything could ever happen.

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  • Since you're a legal adult, age 19, I think you should tell him how you feel about him. If he's been open with you than he probably has feelings for you. At your age, 11 years is not a big age difference. Just go for it!

  • But is it worth risking the relationship we have now for? It could ruin everything.

  • You may need to find yourself another mentor and consider getting a boyfriend whom you can crush on. Crushes are okay but they can leave people feeling sorely disappointed when the other person won't or cannot return their affection. Please cut your losses and move on. Be well now.

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