I am Hollow

Emotions and feelings are extremely difficult for me to express. Nothing feels the same as it use to. I have many great things in my life and for some reason Im more comfortable being alone and by myself. The girl of my dreams is right there and Im too afraid of how things will turn out if I were to actually let her aware of my feelings. I don't think I have what it takes to truly make her happy. I would die for her but I don't want to drag her down or see her unhappy. Just about every person I love has made it hard for me to trust them. I believe thats what this all boils down to. Trust. I can't trust anyone, I can hardly trust myself how could I ever expect her to do the same?


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  • I know that feel, bro. Best thing to do is find someone else, or take comfort in your love of self. You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else. Take my view, for instance. Love yourself, and f*** everyone else with a rusty tire iron. It is only society and biological functions resulting from leftover evolutionary survival mechanisms that dictates to you this illusion that you need another person to fulfill your romantic desires in order to be happy. This is fallacy. One does not need a mate to be truly happy. It just makes things easier is all. My best friend at the moment is a girl whom I've always cared deeply for , but I too don't wish to bother her with my feelings, as I fear it;d ruin our current friendship, which I cherish more than anything else. And I am fine with this. Some people aren't meant for romance. Just remember : You're the best, f*** the rest .

    XOXO -Anon :]

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