Friend's Girl

I've posted here before and it seems a safe place to confess.

Anyway, a couple months back I made a new friend. He was really chill and we had a lot of stuff in common so we started hanging out a lot, throwing parties and s***. He had a girlfriend he's been with since senior year in high school, so five years now.

One night a couple weeks ago, he brings her along to one our of big summer bashes. I was blown away. I'm well into triple digits and get s** pretty much every day, but this girl was unreal. Petite, long legs, green eyes, brunette, just flawless. I got hard the second I saw her (thank god for cargo shorts).

So as the night wore on everyone was getting progressively more wasted (especially my friend), but I'd gotten pretty f***** up the weekend before and his girl doesn't drink so we wound up taking care of him. After everyone, including him, had either passed out or left, it was just her and I talking.

Of course, party talk means h**** talk and we got to talking pretty hardcore. I told her about my endowment (9x6.5x2.5) and escapades, and she got wide-eyed and confided in me that my buddy was awful in bed. She said he was just under 5 inches and kinda skinny and super insecure about it, that she faked every time and had never gotten an o*****. She told me that he was the only person she'd ever been with and she'd never gotten one herself and she got so upset she started crying about it, which I thought was weird, but whatever. I made up my mind right there to f*** her and show her what she was missing.

I tried to comfort her but next thing you know she starts looking at me kinda intensely and things just sorta happened I guess. I'm kissing her while I put my hand down there and start rubbing her hard. She was getting wet and by this time I'm riled up and leaking pre-c** myself. We got carried away before we came to our senses and saw my friend passed out across the room.

We went upstairs, ripped each others clothes off. She was so excited she asked if I was good in bed and I told her to just wait and see. Long story short? It was long, loud, and wet. The look on her face when she finally climaxed for the first time in her life made me wanna explode so I pulled out and gave her a shower, went right back in and went at it again. She was being so loud I'm surprised my buddy didn't wake up.

Eventually she got off too many times for either of us to count and it blew me away what this girl let me do to her. Watch a James Deen flick and you'll know what I mean. haha Honestly? No guilt at all, and we've been meeting up for the last couple weeks and f******. I've gone to bed with friend's girlfriends/moms/aunts etc. so why feel bad now? She wants it, that's what she'll get, and if my buddy finds out? She'll still get it. Truth is, if my best friend's wife turns out to be hot, I'm gonna s**** her too. S** is s** and hot is hot, so go for it, right? lol

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  • Friends are more important than s**. Someday you will have neither and wish you cared for more than yourself

  • "I put my hand down there and start rubbing her hard."
    Haha, I can almost guarantee that if you started off with rubbing her "hard" as you say, you were not actually giving her pleasure. I am a woman and I've talked (ranted, actually) with all of my friends about this, we all agree that men who rub us hard from the get-go have no idea what they're doing. Start off soft, teasingly even, until she's SUPER wet and trying to rub harder against your hand. And even then, tease. Don't rub hard until you're sure she's about to c** (unless she specifically asks you to do so). Starting off too hard doesn't feel good. I'm betting she faked it with you, too.

  • This makes me really sad about humanity....

  • Lol,she will never forget you and soon,you will not have a buddy

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