Ok here it goes as a child i always wondered what drove people crazy!! as in the mentally ill. i wanted to study psychotherapy. so i started uni as a mental health student later that year i left and got into n abusive relationship that really messed me up. sice breaking up with the guy i started counselling studies was doing well but since my brother is mentally ill and i lost my money over a damn stupid shp that failed. i have fet depressed i think about my 1st boyfriend who was lovely and regret losing him. i meet with my clients as a counsellor and constantly think about ending my life. is it ironic that im a counsellor yet suicidal. but i did find out wat drives people mad and its called LIFE!!!! especially bad decisions mad in life. i have been collecting apple seeds for 4 months i have 7600 seeds the only thing that stops e is that i cant find the rght lethal dose and im scared of getting stuck in a coma and becomng a vegetable. anti-depressants have helped a bit but im sooooooo unhappy. im stuck in a cu;ture clash were i think about how badly i have behaved as a muslim being british all these years. i regret my whoe life.

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  • Should I trust elissa/melissa? is she genuine or is she a ronny supporter? think about it?

  • I hate lifeline asian/nig indian s**** who come this "now that you have learnt the lesson you won't do it again" what lesson was there? I just didn't read it cleaerly. she was turning it into something insulting. like as if all the things I did wrong as a child i had been punished for up til now. that really hurt me and I am going to be talking to my doctor about it. it felt evil I don't trust indian/asians nig women anymore. I should tell doc why that feeling of karma and wicca there is nothing calm about it. its just an excuse to be evil.

  • Every one gets suicidal from time to time. It doesn't matter what profession you are in. Sometimes counsellors need to talk to counsellor's maybe you should see one or phone your local crisis line to talk out your depressed feelings.
    Take care!!

  • You're at war with your own mind. That's the thing about psychology. It gets you to think about yourself which will make you crazy. You can't figure yourself out. That's like a gun trying to shoot itself.

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