Going back white

I'm a white girl, 23, and like many, I've dated a black guy. I f***** him once, out of curiosity. He was big, but not pornstar big (maybe a thick 6.5"). He felt great, but I stopped seeing him, because I'm a little racist. White guys are better because they can say "ask" instead of "axe." So much nicer to date white guys, who have more going on upstairs.

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  • Eh. I've known white trash who practically couldn't speak, and erudite black folk. It's about class, not race.

    Too bad you didn't succeed in stirring up race issues here. Find a different hobby, little SJW. And try being truthful once in a while, it does the heart good!

  • Believe it or not, some sexually active black girls are the same way. Blacks say ernge instead of orange and fo instead of for. They have a problem with rrrr's. I had a Japanese girl who pronounced all rrr's with an L. Its something you have to get used to.

  • ........racist........

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