I wish my step father was dead

I f****** hate my step father, I'm a 16 year old girl and I've known him since I was 6 and, we used to be very close to each other but now, I just can't f****** stand him most of the time. He makes up bullshit in his head and then accuses everyone else. He's terrible to my mum, he insults her constantly and calls her lazy yet all he does is sit in his room and play video games or listens to nut job conspiracy theories while my mum actually has a job. He says all she does is sleep, ignoring the fact she works long hours to provide for us, while he doesn't do s***. My mum has asked him to leave multiple times over the past two years or so. He has said to my mum that he's stuck with her and, every time he says this I hate him even more. My mum does everything for him, mad or not. He acts like it doesn't mean anything, he acts like a f****** child. I wish he would just f****** die or just f****** leave, he does nothing accept cause pain at this point. Not only is he a complete and utter c***, in some aspects I'm actually afraid of him. I don't know why though, he's a p**** f*****. The reason for this "fear" is because if he ever found out that I'm gay, he would probably flip the f*** out on me. I just can't handle him anymore, but what really matters is the fact my mum isn't happy. I just want my mum to be happy. She deserves happiness more than anyone I know, everyone has their issues but atleast she f****** tries and can admit she f**** up sometimes. My step father can't, he won't admit when he's done something f***** up. I just want him gone.


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  • Your 16 right? Right!!! Get a job, save, buy a car,or moving van, save rent money, on a apartment.. Get to a 2nd job, save some more. Learn to cook from scratch. Look at some realistate. Go to school for another 10-12 years. If your lucky, might become a successful lawyer or doctor or marry one. Maybe You and your mom can live happily ever after

  • Make a pact with your mum to kick out your stepfather. If he is emotionally abusive to you, call the local child protective authorities in your area. Therapy would likely be good for you and your mum to escape this bad situation.

  • I want my step daddy to die

  • Get creative - you can do it! The b****** have any skeletons you can dig up or report anonymously?

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