I'm sick.

I have cancer. And I haven't told anyone.

Jan 20, 2011

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  • :( Don't worry, we all die eventually... Hopefully you won't very soon... I think it's cool that you haven't told anyone yet... Sounds very brave... I think I'd whine and whine all day if I knew I had cancer...Well I wish you a happy life...

  • You both deserve cancer.

  • L****! You'll tell your mom on your deathbed and she'll be like "WHUUUUT?!"

  • You are scum.

  • At least I don't have cancer. HAHAHAHA.

  • At least i dont have cancer? REALLY? you are pathetic. this poor person is fighting for their life, and you want to make jokes? I'm very sorry, and I hope you are able to recover <3

  • I'm sorry. I hope it is treatable and you can get treatment. If not, I hope you can live your life to the fullest.

  • Some time one needs time to think without any pressure from anyone.Tell only when you are ready.Good luck.

  • i am sorry...i hope u find a way to cope.

  • Tell people when you're ready.

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