My husband's mistress

My husband has kept a mistress for over ten years now. he has two children with her. we have two as well. he literally has two homes. she is of course younger, by 20 years.

a long time ago i decided that i would not fight it, and quite frankly don't mind. she and i know each other, and get along well enough. we started letting the children know eachother as they are brothers and sisters, and they get along well enough. actually why am i being so circumspect, she and i get along so well, it is like if i had a sister, and i look forward to our time together.

we spent christmas together this year, both households. it was the best christmas i have spent in so many years. i would very much like it if we all just moved in together and stop the farse of being at one house or the other. he just happens to have two wives, and it is ok with us.

my question is how do we set up a joint household (physically it is not an issue for us) and how do we deal with the social curiousity?

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  • now thats what i call maturity. nothing like jealousy to ruin a good cigar

  • Hmmm....this is a difficult situation. I think the bet way to deal with it would be to sit down and discuss the best option for the three of you - like adults. It shouldn't matter what the social stigma is - it's your life. Do what suits you!

  • must be good living in fantasy land. -Dr. 0

  • Watch Sister Wives and call it a flippin' day.

  • You have to move to Utah.. Social curiosity.. people won't ever get it or understand. Maybe your close friends, but not the public. You just have to deal with it. Maybe why it's working for you is because you aren't all under one roof. The dynamics will change totally, not just for you but for your kids. They should have a say in this...

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