Just You Wait

Those of you who started my son on drugs have been spoken about. I don't know for sure who you are but I"m certain one day things will change for you. Call it Karma, call it life. You will not I repeat, not get away with ruining my son. Those of you who are thinking of selling or dealing need to think again. I have former neighbors who would kill anyone who gave their kids drugs. Don't think it's OK anymore. I will never be the person to hurt someone. But the rest of the world isn't nice & sweet like me!!! This isn't a threat. It is truly a promise. My son is ruined but others won't take it so lightly!!!!!!!!!! and PLEASE be careful of parents. My son was given drugs by a man who was over 50 yrs old and his wife who is a MD. They live in a nice neighborhood in an upscale town.
You just NEVER know who u are dealing with. Don't pardon the pun.

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  • Anybody who issues threats but uses the word "karma" will not be taken seriously. Sorry to be the one to tell you that. The people who wrecked your son give no $hits, have probably forgotten all about it, and are continuing to live their respectable-looking, upper-class lives. What's a weenie like you going to do about it?

  • Im one of them if I ever see my daughters ex fiancée I will end him he ruined her life I told him the first time I met him Fu-- with my family it wont workout well for you

  • I am sorry you are hurting and that your son is hurt. But your son is really the only one who needs be held accountable for using. Other people may have been around or even offered him whatever, but he more than likely always had a choice to say no and walk away. And he didn't...you can be angry but then do something more positive like educating people instead of blaming or threats. It may not bring your son back or heal him, but it may help save someone else's child.

  • I'm sorry to hear you are in much pain , will your son be ok once the stuff is out of his system or is he in a coma ?

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