Exposed in diapers and plastic pants.

I have been married for several years to my firm but loving wife. She is 30 years old and I am 32 years old. Some times I dribble in my underwear. We went to our doctor who took some tests and told us all was fine, but I probable have a small or weak bladder. He told me as soon as I feel the urge to pee I better find a bathroom and cut back on liquids when traveling or going out. He also told us we could use adult diapers if the problem could not be contained by reducing my liquid intake.
My wife a week later came home with a bundle of diapers and six pair of plastic pants. She insisted in having me wear them, which I resisted but to no avail. It started out just when we went some were. Soon she had me in diapers and plastic pants all the time which I find very embarrassed.
I was wearing them the other day when we went to town. She wanted me to try on some new dress pants. While doing so she checked in on me and left my dressing room door open for all to see me in my diaper and plastic pants. To make it worse several people walked by and seen me so I asked her to close the door. She laughed and walked away leaving me standing there with no pants on and the door wide open. I had to step out in my diaper and plastic pants to close it and four more people saw me. I was so Embarrassed. KC

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  • I am a girl and when i was 14,i finially recieved my Sacrement of Baptism on Easter sunday.Three hours before mass,mom and gramma put the traditional cloth baptismal diaper and plastic pants and tee shirt on me with my baptism bonnet.I was brought out and ordered to sit on the couch untill it was time to get my poofy baptism dress and shoes on. I was so embarrassed sitting there and as my relatives came,they saw me and told me i looked cute and baby like!

  • You must confess how great they feel after you wet them. I too wish my wife would make me wear mine.

  • I enjoy wearing a diaper and plastic pants in public. I pee and pooh in them in public. You are lucky I would beg to be spanked and humiliated for messing my self.

  • Cut that women out of your life if you ever want any real happiness.

  • Man up.
    Punch that cuntwhore in the ovaries and rip those pants off.
    Shove them down her throat and go whoring my friend.
    Set yourself free.

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