Exposed in diapers and plastic pants.

I have been married for several years to my firm but loving wife. She is 30 years old and I am 32 years old. Some times I dribble in my underwear. We went to our doctor who took some tests and told us all was fine, but I probable have a small or weak bladder. He told me as soon as I feel the urge to pee I better find a bathroom and cut back on liquids when traveling or going out. He also told us we could use adult diapers if the problem could not be contained by reducing my liquid intake.
My wife a week later came home with a bundle of diapers and six pair of plastic pants. She insisted in having me wear them, which I resisted but to no avail. It started out just when we went some were. Soon she had me in diapers and plastic pants all the time which I find very embarrassed.
I was wearing them the other day when we went to town. She wanted me to try on some new dress pants. While doing so she checked in on me and left my dressing room door open for all to see me in my diaper and plastic pants. To make it worse several people walked by and seen me so I asked her to close the door. She laughed and walked away leaving me standing there with no pants on and the door wide open. I had to step out in my diaper and plastic pants to close it and four more people saw me. I was so Embarrassed. KC

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  • I remember stopping one evening at friends of my parents house for a few minutes and seeing two bedwetters ages 9 and 7 who both had pinned on cloth diapers and rubber pants on as it was close to their bedtimes and being a warm summer evening the boy was wearing a t-shirt and the girl a jersey. Being 12 at the time I was more embarrassed at seeing them with diapers and rubber pants on than they were at being seen wearing them.

  • F*** your wife! Be a man!

  • Your wife obviously is the dominant one in your relationship. By making you wear diapers face it it’s very difficult to win an argument when you’re the one wearing diapers and plastic baby panties. She has turned you into her submissive husband. Exposing you in public is designed to further break you down. She is off to a great start in transforming you into a diaper dependent submissive sissy baby. Next comes the pacifier and baby bottle followed by an adult size crib and changing table. I believe part of you wants to be taken care of and that’s what attracted her to you in the first place. Your post is over a year old if you still visit this site please comment. I’m sure we all want to know what has happened.

  • When i was 14,i was the flower girl in my cousins wedding,and mom put cloth diapers and plastic pants on me under my poofy flower girl dress.At the reception,i met a guy in his early 20s and we snuck off to a class room.After kissing me for a few minutes,he put his hand under my above the knees flowergirl dress and felt my diapers and plastic pants.He managed to get my dress off of me and got me to my knees and made me give him oral s**!

  • You are a troll. I can tell by the way you don't use spaces. People know.

  • Your mom did the right thing by putting you into the cloth diapers and plastic pants under your flowergirl dress! Teen girls in weddings should be put into diapers and plastic pants to make them feel cute and innocent and girly! You arent the only girl who has worn the diapers and plastic pants in weddings.I have seen them on other older flowergirls as well as junior bridesmaids and teen junior brides.The guy did the right thing by taking your dress off of you and making you give him oral s** in your diapers and plastic pants!

  • Here, the troll responds to their own post. Check incon forums. They (he, probably) is everywhere. Total troll.

  • I am a girl and when i was 14,i finially recieved my Sacrement of Baptism on Easter sunday.Three hours before mass,mom and gramma put the traditional cloth baptismal diaper and plastic pants and tee shirt on me with my baptism bonnet.I was brought out and ordered to sit on the couch untill it was time to get my poofy baptism dress and shoes on. I was so embarrassed sitting there and as my relatives came,they saw me and told me i looked cute and baby like!

  • This, and others are the same troll. He is trying to bait people into conversations so he can get off. You can basically copy stuff into google and find his posts everywhere.

  • I am 15,and last june 2nd,when i finially made my First Communion with the 7 year olds,my mom and two gramma's put 10 Gerber flat cloth diapers in the 24x27 inch size on me with adult size white plastic pants over them and a white tee shirt as my top under my puffy communion dress! I had the long veil,lace socks and white 'mary jane'shoes with my dress.They wanted me to be like the little girls in my class.The plastic pants fit me blousy and crinkled under my dress all day! It was embarrassing for me!

  • This is pure fantasy

  • You are so lucky to have been diapered by your family. Too cool.

  • I hope, at least the diapers and plastic pants made you feel like a cared-for little girl again.

  • Yes i did! The diapers and plastic pants made me feel very little girlish and pure and innocent!

  • Did you have to use your diapers? And if so did your parents change you ? Ta

  • You must confess how great they feel after you wet them. I too wish my wife would make me wear mine.

  • I love being diapered by my wife and exposed in public. My wife pats my diapered bottom when we are out in public and asks if my diapers need to be changed, even in front of her friends. So much fun.

  • I bet you love ❤️ Wearing wet diapers I hope she puts plastic baby panties on you so important to keep baby dry. Obviously you enjoy being humiliated she should buy you pink plastic rumba panties to fit over your thick diapers. Better than dress pants a short dress that barley ends at the waist displaying your thick diapers and lacy plastic baby panties being a SISSY would be the ultimate humiliation. Im sure you will make your wife happy.

  • I enjoy wearing a diaper and plastic pants in public. I pee and pooh in them in public. You are lucky I would beg to be spanked and humiliated for messing my self.

  • Cut that women out of your life if you ever want any real happiness.

  • Man up.
    Punch that cuntwhore in the ovaries and rip those pants off.
    Shove them down her throat and go whoring my friend.
    Set yourself free.

  • Or instead of all that he could just shut the door himself

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