I want to know if this was normal

When cleaning out a closet that I almost never use, below some bits and pieces of old costumes (I work stage crew/whatever behind the scenes job that needs to be done, and sometimes store costumes for people that they never pick up), and found a little pink box that might have supposed to have been a jewelry box.

I opened it, and it was absolutely filled with small locks of hair. Apparently, when I was little, I gave my dolls/stuffed animals/cat hair cuts. And saved the hair. In a box. Ordered in carefully alternating patterns so that the locks were distinguishable from one another, and were not mixed at all. And hid the box.

How f***** up of a kid was I? Seriously. I want to know if that is at all normal.

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  • Are you claiming to not remember doing this? Either this is a BS post or you're a f***** up adult.

  • OMG for a moment I thought you were going to say "it puts the lotion on it's skin".... Wow, ok, no no your ok.. It really is from toys right?

  • No! This is not normal! You are f***** up man! Go to a psychiatrist as soon as possible.. Keeping hair?!?! That's even sicker than being a pedophile!FREAK!!!

  • @ second commenter: They're probably still just a kid, if they're so worried about a trivial thing like this. Maybe they're trying to get a lot of feedback to assure themselves?

  • Of course it is normal. You were probably playing with your dolls and decided to give them all hair cuts.Then you save the hair. Nothing odd about that at all.Most all little girls cut their dolls hair sooner or later.Stop worrying about it.

    Have fun. Enjoy your life!

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