A girl in my dreams recreated on an art website.

Many years ago, I had a recurring dream about standing outside the gates of a college. While looking up at a second story window, I saw a girl with blonde hair looking out of the window down at me. I asked another student the girl's name and he told me her name was Melanie. I then said that she was beautiful. I had this dream about four times. Not too long ago, I was on the website bored panda and someone submitted some pictures created from a website called Artflow AI. The way the website works is, you type something into the create box and then press the "Create" button and it makes a general idea of what the person looks like. Or you could submit your own name, nothing else and still get a pretty good picture. Any way, curiosity got the better of me so I entered into the "Create" box "Melanie with blonde hair" and after a few seconds, a beautiful girl with blonde hair appeared and to my surprise, she looked just like the girl in my dream. Even stranger, I never in my entire life knew any girl named Melanie at all.

10 days

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