Major Bitchfest!

Lindsey Lohan is hilarious to me! Recently, she shacked up with this young Russian billionaire heir playboy named Egor. He is like 24 and she's 30. He's a kid! She said that she wanted to have four kids with this young kid and get married! So he gave her an engagement ring that she still wears even though they BROKE up! He threatened to kill her or something lol! Stupid s***. And that bimbo Kimmy Kargashian says now that she's not a feminist. No s***! The b**** hasn't worked a day in her pampered life, has never had to struggle to make ends meet in her life, and gets to live off her rich daddy. Why would she be a feminist?? All she has to do is show her fat airbrushed ass and she gets millions! She made a s** tape equals w**** on camera. Big f****** deal. She's basically a one time p*** "star" lol! Wowwww I'm so impressed. Hmm, let's see who else I find despicable. Oh Charlie Sheen. That has been a John to many prostitutes, beat his kids and wife (also I think gave her h.i.v!), got paid millions to act in a stupid show (three and a half men), which I hated.. Daddy is a big acting star, so he didn't have to do much to be famous and rich-er. Now the scumbag has h.i.v.. Poor baby. That's what you get for playing sexual Russian roulette with prostitutes (and "normal" girls).. Wait, I wouldn't be surprised if he took it up the ass and contracted hiv! It's hard to catch it from a female you know. Anyways, that's my b******* on pop culture. In closing, these son of a b**** rich a******* have enough money to buy an island! And yet there's starving, poor people in this country?? Yup!

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  • 24 and 30,there's not much of an age gap.You obviously have an issue,regarding age.Don't be ageist!!

  • YES! Lindsay is the best!

  • Lindsay Lohan is a legendary actress!

  • Sorry, but I totally love Lindsay Lohan. She's gotten a really bad rap and I hate the media for doing that to her. She's WONDERFUL!

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