I deserve it

Ive been with my man now for almost 5 years. throughout the first 4 years i was a the trophy girlffriend, and he controlled my life. but now i want some freedom... some guy friends (not to f***, but to simply hang out with) and this is something that bob (we'll call him bob) freaks out about. he should be able to trust me givin my 4 years of absolute dedication to him and our family. *I* think anyways.
so the other day bob saw some guy msg me on facebook. and FLIPPED S***. saying that he doesnt know who i am now (and this guy msged ME?) he broke down crying, and said he never wants to lose me. how do i tell him that i love him but it feels like he has more estrogen than me and that i f****** deserve a life already??

Jan 27, 2011

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  • I'm responding to the Anonymous person that placed the first comment.

    In case you didn't read properly, the women is trying to have a life. Whoever said that women was brought into this world to be slaves to men, even if they are married.
    Of course every individual needs to put themselves first once in a while. After 5 years, i think she deserves a break.

  • it's all about you you don't care what anyone else does or thinks

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