I can't tell my dad

I grew up well off, my parents are drs. i atended private schools, and have an IV League education. I benefited from the best care and braces, and all. i am employed in a high end firm, with lots of chances for advancement. my parents want me to marry 'well', into an upper class family.

i got involved with a working class guy. o.k., i got involved with this immigrant who does maintenance on the grounds. he is a lot older than me, and is pretty much uneducated (in our sense). i don't know how it happened, but one night when i was really mad and upset with my bf at the time, i flirted with him and he got very aggressive and pretty much foreced himself on me, although i never said no to him. in his culture he just did what men do. he took the woman.

now i am his 'mujer'. i live with him (although i still keep my apartment on the upper side), and i cook and clean and wash and serve him, and do everything their women do for men in his culture. i knew i was totally 100% his when i was on my knees cleaning his toilet, i want his apartment to be so totally clean.

i have become totally subservient to him. of course i sleep with him, and when he takes me i go into a whole other place, and i lay there and just stare at him. you see, he is my 'marido' and i am his 'mujer'. i am deeply, emotionally, totally, part of him. i can't take him to my 'class' of people, so i go home to him every night.

he told me to get pregnant so he can have a son. i am pregnant with a little brown baby now. if it takes 10 babies i will make him 10 babies so he can have a son, that is why i am his 'mujer'. my dad is going to go ballistic.

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  • wow an IV league education, what an idiot. for those too stupid to know, its an IVY league education.

  • try to educate this guy culturally ...try to strike a balance between love and culture

  • awwwwwwww im sooooo srry! u have my prayers! ignore these pitiless jack a**** who only comment on other ppls pain to feel bttr about themselves :p

  • By IV League education, do you mean that you were a heroin addict when you were younger?

  • Hahahahahaha!

  • I love your "class" of people.. So much better than everyone else... Yet, you'll be the first to die when the s*** hits the fan :)

  • You have the english skills of a c*** sucking Brit.

  • So hows that IV league education working for ya

  • That IV League education, did it involve both the insertion and removal?

  • You had such a great education, you can't even spell attended correctly, but hey you are an American

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