Jack Morley and Julie Hastings

It was a first date. I was 40, Julie was just 17. Let’s just say that I made two very strong Black Russians for her to drink. Of course, the fact that I slipped 16 mg of ground up Klonopin into the drinks helped too. Soon she was totally unconscious. I took her clothes off, carried her to bed, and had unprotected a*** and vaginal s** with her. I was really trying to get her pregnant. I stuck a banana in her v***** and took lots of pictures which I sent to her friends, family, and her boss. I posted the pictures online and included her name, address and phone number. When she woke up the next afternoon she was hysterical. I told her it was totally consensual but she didn’t believe it. But it was her word against mine. I kept her panties and still wear them around town sometimes. I have no regrets and I continue this behavior whenever I can. I now prefer unconscious women. Am I bad?


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  • You know, this whole post was bad fiction, written by me. But the murderous responses from the gutter rats out there reveal what’s really bad in society.-Jack

  • If you prefer unconscious women now, whats next? Dead corpses? Your sexual abilities must really suck.

  • Read the definition of consentual and willing will tell you if you are bad. Would you mind if I drugged you and when you passed out casturated your b**** ass, after all by your definition "it was consentual". I asked you if I could casturate you and you never said no, but of course you were unconscious, but it was still consentual, right???

  • “Am I bad?” obviously you’re a terrible person. Kill yourself.

  • You should probably put a gun to your head and fire it. But that’s just my take

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