Nature should be allowed to do what nature calls for

I am from Colorado and my parents have a ranch. I always liked horses and my parents gave me a stallion when I was 11. I spent as much time with him as I could, I fed him and brushed him down, rode him and walked him for exercise. One day when I went to his stable his p**** was hanging down. Almost to the floor. He was also dripping. The stable man, Jorge, told me that stallions sometimes do that, it means they need a mare. And he was sure I wanted him to be a stallion and not get his b**** cut off. Tell my father that my stallion needed a mare.

My father laughed and told me that nature is nature and horses have d****. Just don't get all worked up about it. If I had a mare then I would see that mares also have sexual moments. But I pestered him until he relented and agreed to see if he could get him to stud. He found a mare about three hours away that needed to be 'serviced' and agreed to the price, which was cheap for my stallion. We took him to the other ranch and Jorge took care of things, the mare was put in a holder and my stallion got up on her and I watched as Jorge helped my stallion drive into the mare. When he was done Jorge cleaned him up and separated him from the mare.

I had witnessed, seen, my first mounting. Although I was told that usually they didn't actually bring the stallion and the mare together, they milked the stallion and sold his s**** in ampoules. But my father agreed for me to witness, sort of like grow up girl, pay attention. Jorge was more understanding and he told me all about how the horses were put to stud in Colombia and the mare was always ready.

I grew up to be a large animal veterinarian. My specialty is horses. Whenever I can I arrange for a live mounting. Why shouldn't the stallion and the mare enjoy it? I talk my clients into it. Not because it isn't more efficient, it's because if I was a mare I would not want to be impregnated by an ampoule. I would want that big old boy doing his thing. And if I was a stallion, not that I could ever be one, I would want to get on a filly and give her what she is waiting for, not get milked in a stable. My opinion and it's how I run my practice.

Mar 22, 2022

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