Inhaling their stink

I love sniffing women's panties without their knowledge - especially married women with kids - the smell of a breeding hole is so rich and exciting. If I get hold of a pair I wear them on my face and inhale deeply while wanking and imagining the use of the owner as a sexual object.

The intensity of the o***** and the knowledge of exactly what the women I question truly is are incredible. Once I've inhaled a woman she's always a c*** to me. I have c** to the smells of several of my wife's friends, her cousin and her sister (plus my wife, many times of course)

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  • Breeding hole has been around forever, you can always tell when a kid tries to shock.

  • your a weak little panty sniffing p**** if you were a man you would be f****** these chicks instead of sneaking around like a scared little b****.

  • Breeding hole. That's funny. But be careful, the pooping hole is right next door.

  • F*** dude you beat me to it, many lolz@breeding hole

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